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COPS=? command to show all networks | Thales IoT Developer Community

September 23, 2016 - 9:20pm, 8362 views

I am using PXS8 and am trying to view all the networks that the modem can see. 

When I enter the AT+COPS=? It returns only AT&T networks.  I am confident there are other networks (T-MOBILE, Verizon) that it should be reporting.

Is there a AT command that I am missing so I can see all the networks even if the Operator is forbidden?


+COPS: (2,"AT&T","","310410",2),(1,"AT&T","","310410",0),(1,"AT&T","","310260",0),,(0,1,2,3,4),(0,1,2,90,91)


^SCFG: "Audio/Loop","0"

^SCFG: "Call/ECC","0"

^SCFG: "Call/Speech/Codec","0"

^SCFG: "CDMA/PrivMode","1"

^SCFG: "CDMA/AutoAB","AutoB"

^SCFG: "CDMA/Operator/Store","Verizon"

^SCFG: "CDMA/System/CaiRev","9"

^SCFG: "CDMA/TetheredNai","enabled"

^SCFG: "GPRS/Auth","2"

^SCFG: "GPRS/AutoAttach","enabled"

^SCFG: "GPRS/MaxDataRate/HSDPA","0"

^SCFG: "GPRS/MaxDataRate/HSUPA","0"

^SCFG: "Ident/Manufacturer","Cinterion"

^SCFG: "Ident/Product","PXS8"

^SCFG: "MEopMode/Airplane","off"

^SCFG: "MEopMode/CregRoam","0"

^SCFG: "MEopMode/CFUN","0","1"

^SCFG: "MEopMode/PowerMgmt/LCI","disabled"

^SCFG: "MEopMode/PowerMgmt/VExt","high"

^SCFG: "MEopMode/PwrSave","enabled","600","50"

^SCFG: "MEopMode/RingOnData","off"

^SCFG: "MEopMode/RingUrcOnCall","on"

^SCFG: "MEopMode/AccT","GSM/UMTS"

^SCFG: "MEShutdown/OnIgnition","off"

^SCFG: "Radio/Band","3583"

^SCFG: "Radio/Mtpl","0"

^SCFG: "Radio/NWSM","0"

^SCFG: "Radio/OutputPowerReduction","4"

^SCFG: "Serial/USB/DDD","0","0","0409","1E2D","0054","Cinterion","PH8",""

^SCFG: "SIM/IfAvl","on"

^SCFG: "URC/DstIfc","app"

^SCFG: "URC/Datamode/Ringline","on"

^SCFG: "URC/Ringline","local"

^SCFG: "URC/Ringline/ActiveTime","1"