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CME ERROR: 256 after AT^SISO command | Thales IoT Developer Community

October 22, 2019 - 4:26pm, 1672 views


We desing a device that use a EHS6 module with a midlet that was development by us. The EHS6's revision is 03.001 and the Java Remote Control MIDlet Suite is (JRC) 1.56.40.  At this moment we have about 100 operative devices that is working fine.

few weeks ago, we bought another 20 EHS6 modules, ten of them have the same version of revision and JRC, but the others ten have revision "04.003" and JRC 1.60.00.  When we use our midlet with modules that have last versions (4.003 and 1.60.00), our midlet isn't works correctly. EHS6 always reports "+CME ERROR: 256" when midlet sends a AT^SISO command. This message error never appears with JRC 1.56.40.

I would like to know how to dowload JRC 1.56.40 and install it on EHS6 modules that have JRC 1.60.00.


Jorge Rios