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Cinterion EXS82-W: Switching From Data to CMD mode and then back to Data mode | Telit Cinterion IoT Developer Community

March 4, 2022 - 10:22am, 751 views

Hi All,

I am using exs82W and esp32 module for a PPPoS connection but after successful connection i am getting the below problem while switching from Data Mode to Cmd Mode and then after sending some command back to data mode:

D (29858) esp-modem: Sending command:+++
D (32768) esp-modem: Handling line: >>OK
D (32768) exs82: enter command mode ok
I (32768) pppos_example: Switched to cmd mode, sending cmd after 5 seconds!!!!!!!!!!!!!
D (37778) esp-modem: Sending command:AT^SCTM?

D (37788) esp-modem: Handling line: >>^SCTM: 0,0,33
D (37788) esp-modem: Handling line: >>OK
I (37788) pppos_example: Sending command successful, switching back to PPP mode in 5 sec!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
D (42798) esp-modem: Sending command:ATD*99***1#

D (44828) esp-modem: Handling line: >>+CME ERROR: operation temporary not allowed
D (44828) exs82: enter ppp mode failed, retry with ATO
D (44828) esp-modem: Sending command:ATO

D (44838) esp-modem: Handling line: >>ERROR

Can anyone suggest how i can resolve this issue, or any help or example for CMUX implementation.