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Cannot get SMS receive notifications with EHS5-E, rev 03.001 | Telit Cinterion IoT Developer Community

May 3, 2016 - 10:22pm, 3824 views


I am trying to use the modem with a Raspberry Pi3 in order to start the pppd ****** on RPi when an SMS is received. The Ring0 line on the modem is linked with a wire with GPIO4 on RPi. Everything seems to work fine and I am getting an electrical signal when an SMS is received, but the problem is that not all SMSs I am sending to the modem seem to be received. The way the  modem works is quite random, sometimes the SMSs are received, but in some other cases no SMS is received. My smartphone, using the same SIM card, always receives the SMSs, so I suspect that the problem is with the modem, not with the mobile network provider.

Here are the sequence of commands used to prepare the modem for SMS reception:

- AT //check if modem is present

- ATA&F //reset to factory settings

- AT+CMGF=1 //configure SMS format to text

- AT+CMGD=0,4 //delete all SMS messages from preferred message storage

- AT^SCFG=\"URC/Ringline\",\"asc0\" //trigger RING0 line upon receiving a URC

- AT+CSQ //check BER and RSSI

after this command I am waiting to receive an interrupt when Ring0 is triggered by SMS reception.

Do you have an ideea why the SMSs are not always received by the modem ?