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BGS5T VCCREF reboots | Telit Cinterion IoT Developer Community

December 10, 2016 - 1:22am, 10491 views


I have a simple PCB with a jumper used to choose between +5V from the module or an external 3.3V source. For some very strange reason once the module is connected to the PCB the module will reboot if +5V is connected to VCCRef. Even after removing and connecting +5V to VccRef the module will continue to reboot.

The reboots seems to coincide when using an internet connection, perhaps due to higher power usage. When connected to the PCB but without the jumper connected everything works and is stable. Even the inputs and outputs work correctly. This is even more strange because in this situation VccRef is not even connected to anything yet the digital inputs/outputs work. By change measuring VccRef when it is disconnted reads about +2V.

What is very concerning is that when VccRef is disconnected things work which not how it should be according to the datasheet. When +5V is connected to VccRef the module reboots normally during network usage, but not always but roughly %90.

We have used simple code and various midlets to rule out programming issues but the reboots continue. The module reboots without any warning or error message.

Thank you.