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BGS5T: continuously reading on ASC0 | Telit Cinterion IoT Developer Community

June 19, 2015 - 8:43am, 2461 views


I am building an application where I will be receiving some data on ASC0 almost continuously. What would be better, that I listen to it all time or just check it every 10mins if values change? Could this be any problem for modules buffer?

I already had once a problem where device would send me some data every 2 seconds and when module would start up, some of the data were interpreted as AT command and module would crash.Even thoue that data was not AT comamnd. Here will be a lot more data in shorter time could this raise any problems like overheating or failing ASC0 in some period of time like half a year?

So what are the things that I should be cautious about?