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BGS5T can't run any of Java midlets | Thales IoT Developer Community

January 9, 2015 - 9:56am, 2462 views

Module was working fine, then I installed and run a new program which is quite simple. It's just emptey for lop which goes trough 1000 ***** and it mesaures the time needed for that.

It worked the first time, then I changed to 10000 and it woulden't even install. It holds really long at: Installing suite from:

Then i get:

    at com.sun.midp.ams.MidpSuiteStoreHelper.getSuiteID(), bci=12
    at com.sun.ams.AppSuiteImpl.checkIfPresent(), bci=9
    at com.sun.ams.AppSuiteImpl.getDownloadUrl(), bci=1
    at com.cinterion.ams.AmsNativeSuiteInfo.<init>(), bci=43
    at com.cinterion.ams.AmsNativeCommand.reportSuites(), bci=23
    at com.cinterion.ams.AmsNativeCommand.execute(), bci=435
    at com.cinterion.ams.AmsNativeExtension$, bci=9

I also noticed that if I use AT commands it gets stuck at command.:



at^sjam=4, at^sjam=3

I get no error or anything. If I try to seend just AT after that, nothing happens.

I would like to solve this fast, because I can't run any middlets and we just wanted to test some program before it goes to our cliente.