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BGS5 - Self Signed Certificate Exception | Telit Cinterion IoT Developer Community

November 29, 2018 - 5:11pm, 2946 views

Hello, I've been trying to connect using https into a private secure server which is using a self-signed certificate. 
The connection is not being successful, throwing the following exception: -251 SSL-Error: Bad ECC Curve or unsupported

To surpass this situation we tried two approaches:

1.In the first scenario I tried to install the certificate in the modem like the following:

- After downloading the certificate, I used the command to 'ADD certificate for verification for HTTPS connections using the HTTPS server’s certificate file in DER format (unsecured mode)' and then executed AT^SJMSEC="file","AddHttpsCertificateUntrusted.bin". It returned OK.

- Then I tried to connect again but got the same exception.

2.On the second approach, I tried switching off the certificate verification (using Command to switch OFF certificate verification for HTTPS connections (unsecured mode)). After trying to connect again, it got the same error.

This is the result of AT^SJMSEC?AT^SJMSEC?

^SJMSEC: 1,1,1,0

(It indicates that the certificate is not installed even after installing even after adding it. Am I missing something?)

Could you give me any help?

Thank you