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BGS5 New Firmware Baudswitch Problem | Telit Cinterion IoT Developer Community

March 27, 2015 - 12:15pm, 3607 views

Hi Everybody

As you know gemalto published latest firmware(1.50.03) on previous month.

Now i have a big problem with this firmware which i can't handle it. 

I can't switching baudrates on java while code are running on new firmware.

Everything is so simple; i don't use any other peripheral or complex anything on the test. Only using RS(232-485) and changing baudrate via java.

Here is my example code that i am using on test procedure;

commConn = (CommConnection)"comm:COM0;blocking=on;autocts=off;baudrate=300"); 

inStream = commConn.openInputStream();     

outStream = commConn.openOutputStream();


outStream.write("300 baudrate".getBytes());



outStream.write("4800 baudrate".getBytes());



outStream.write("9600 baudrate".getBytes()); 


By the way same codes works fine older firmware

That baudswitching is essential feature for IEC62056 or similar protocols on Metering Systems

Does anybody has same problem or know how to solve this problem ?