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The BGS5 and EHS6 activate the URC "^SISR: x,1" without the open service | Thales IoT Developer Community

August 5, 2016 - 3:22pm, 2944 views

We have an application that works properly with the TC65T and now try to adapt to BGS5, EHS6.

The application does not use JAVA, only AT commands in the ASC0 port to handle the TCP/IP stack, and consists of a server waiting for incoming connections on port 502.

Service Profile: socktcp://listener:502

The problem is that the event "Receive data ready" URC "^SISR: x,1", is activated when there is an incoming data connection, and without opening it. Also, sometimes the URC "^SISR: x,1" is activated before the incoming connection URC "^SIS: x,1,x,'ip-remote' '.

Sometimes the incoming connection event URC "^SIS: x,1,x,'ip-remote'" is lost, and only activates the URC "^SISR: x,1" this usually happens if two or more simultaneous connections.

Our application with TC65T can work with 3 or 4 simultaneous connections perfectly and stably.
The connections are very short, from 3 to 12 seconds from php sockets (Web server) and others.

In the TC65T the URC "^SISR: x,1" is activated if the incoming connection contains data, and only when we open the service incoming connection, not before.

This seems a bug in the firmware. How can we solve it?

A-REVISION 00.000.10
A-REVISION 00.000.14

We appreciate your help