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BGS2T - RTS/CTS Flow Control Stability | Telit Cinterion IoT Developer Community

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May 22, 2019 - 3:45pm, 3205 views

We have been using BGS2T in our products for a few years now.
Lately we started experiencing problems with modules not being able to go online.
(new modules that is - The old ones are fine)
I received one of these modules and it turns out that it stops answering in the middle of the series of AT commands I send during startup to initialize it and to open a connection.
Interestingly I found a workaround for this particular BGS2T-module.
By manually creating a pulse on my RTS-pin the module starts to communicate again as if it never stopped.
Has something been changed to the BGS2T-firmware lately?
If this is not surprising behavior to you guys I would like to know how I can identify the modules (Using AT commands) which are expected to act like this.
My baudrate is 115200
HW flowControl RTS/CTS (AT\Q3).

I'm waiting 200ms+ between each AT command.

(To be fair : For now I have just received this one module so it might be that it is not related to BGS2T firmware at all)
Best Regards