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BGS2T - Pausa insertion during data transmission. | Thales IoT Developer Community

January 19, 2018 - 10:23am, 1727 views

Hello, I have the following problem maybe someone can help me to solve.

I have a device in the field with a BGS2T, I have also a BGS2T connected to my computer. On both side I have a serial port monitor on the 232 serial line. 

When I call the device I can see on the serial port monitor that the BGS2T introduce a pause of about 60ms between the first character and the following character of the message, this is detected as an error by the application in the field and the message is ignored.

If I change che BGS2T on the computer with another, same model and same version, the only difference is the Date Code on the Label information (one is HD and the other is JN), the communication work properly . No pause is inserted durig data transfer.

The same happen If I use another GSM modem, For example TC35.

Both modem are configurated with factory settings, no flow control, 9600.

Can someone help me to understant wy this happen.


This is the firmware version of both models: 




A-REVISION 01.000.03

Maybe there is a new version? I can I get the new version ?