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AutoStart | Telit Cinterion IoT Developer Community

July 2, 2015 - 8:06pm, 3148 views

I am having issues finding out how to make a MIDlet auto-start.

 I am able to copy the *.jad, *.jar to the Module Disk A

 Use at^sjam=0, “a:/Project.jad”,”” to load into flash which is confirmed via at^sjam=4:

 ^SJAM: "a:/Project.jad","Project","Vendor","1.0",0,91815,0

^SJAM: "a:/JRC-1.50.9.jad","Java Remote Control MIDlet Suite","Cinterion","1.50.9",1,669007,0

 AutoStart is enabled and  at^sjam=5 indicates which MIDlet(s) auto start

^SJAM: "a:/JRC-1.50.9.jad","Java Remote Control MIDlet Suite","Cinterion","1.50.9",1

 If I manually run the MIDlet, at^sjam=1,”a:/Project.jad”,”” the project appears to run as expected.

 However I need to have the Project.jad run automatically on power-up. Reading various bits implies that this is done within the program, but I have not found any information which tells me how to add autostart within a project within the Netbeans environment and also how to set the order in which the Netbeans start.

Any help on the above would be appreciated.