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AT^SJOTAP inconsistency | Telit Cinterion IoT Developer Community

March 24, 2015 - 5:57pm, 5248 views

Hi (again),

now that i can successfully run OTAP, I'm noticed a very annoying behaviour change in aT^SJOTAP.

Usually we deliver our device with a modem and a preinstalled midlet.

^SJAM: "a:/Java/jam/pqgprs/ehs5.jar","PqGprs","Parkare Group S.L.","08",0,68540,0

therefore, this midlet is called as


if for some reason the module ***** to be updated, or it just doesn't contain any midlet, an OTAP process is triggered as:


hoever, my surpise is that the installed/updated midlet is now installed as:

^SJAM: "","PqGprs","Parkare Group S.L.","08",0,69146,0

Therefore if I try to run it, it will no longer work because as seen before I'm using AT^SJAM=1,"a:/Java/jam/pqgprs/ehs5.jar",""

It appears the <Appl_Dir> parameter in AT^SJOTAP is no longer used to identify the applet.

is the only way to sidestep this issue to always use the OTAP url ("http://80...") instead of the local one("a:...")?

This would mean that the app manually installed at "a:..." would never be used because I would look for url "http://..." and it would not be found, so an OTAP process will always be run regardless of the manual installation the first time.

Am i right, or I'm missing something?