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Antenna Selection for PH8-P Module | Telit Cinterion IoT Developer Community

June 23, 2016 - 5:32pm, 3340 views

I'm trying to select an antenna for use with your PH8-P module and having some issues determining what antenna gain is acceptable.  The application is a fixed application (not mobile).

Section 9.2 of the Hardware Interface Description document (April 2016) for the PH8-P module states that the antenna gain, including cable loss, must not exceed the limits 3.94dBi (850MHz) and 1.81dBi (1900MHz).  The FCC grant states limits of 0.89dBi (850MHz) and 1.6dBi (1900MHz).  Your FCC submitted MPE calculation documentation gives the following values:  0.89dBi (850MHz) and 6.16dBi (1900MHz).

Why are the values different for each of these documents?

In the MPE calculation, where is the maximum average output power at the antenna terminal information obtained from?  For example, the calculation for the 850MHz band has a value of 33.59dBm.  The HID document does not show this value.  Section 2.1 of the HID specifies a 33dBm + 2dBm for this band.  If I used 35dBm in the MPE calculation, this has a large impact on the allowable antenna gain.

Thanks in advance for you help.