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ZOC Terminal emulator

Showcase, January 13, 2016 - 11:29am, 5176 views

ZOC is a Terminal emulator tool and it allows scripting and logging

The tool has a 30 days test period and can be downloaded from the owner website:

Using this tool we will provide some scripts samples to use and tests features of the Gemalto M2M Wireless Modules

Once the software is downloaded and installed you need to setup the port that will be used to execute the script

Using the icon of the two black screens, located in the botton left you will be able to setup the connection

Select your port and communication frame

Other  benefits:

 -The posibility to install the tool in MAC OS X to run the same scripts

 -Parse anwers and execute  actions

 -Open multiple instances of the ZOC to access to all the ports in the wireless module

To active the logging go to the Logging menu --> "Log to File"

To execute the script use the Script menu and "Start REXX script"

Additional information can be found inside the program and/or in the ower website




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