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ZOC script . NTP time Pxx8 / AHS3 using TCP/IP AT Commands

Showcase, January 13, 2016 - 1:08pm, 3005 views

Please, read the article before to start

the script obtaines the time over NTP and set the date to the module using the at TCP/IP internal commands


 -A SIM card introduced in the SIM Card Holder with PIN enabled

 -A Pxx8/AHS3 module (>REL 2)

 - modify the script with the APN of your carrier


Edit the script with any text editor. Look at for the line:

CALL ZocSend "at+cgdcont=101,^(22)IP^(22),^(22)internet^(22)^M"

Modify internet for your APN and save the script




Download File (zip | 682 bytes)


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