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ZOC Script. FTP Put transfer a file. AT TCP/IP Commands

Showcase, January 14, 2016 - 10:44am, 4115 views

Please, read the article before to start

The script transfer file to a FTP server using AT TCP/IP commands  (FTP put)


 -BGS2 / AGS2

 -SIM Card introduced in the SIM Card Tracer with the pin enabled and module booked in the network


Edit the script with any text editor. Look at for the line:

_addressPut_ = "ftpput://user:pass@ip/test1.txt"

introduced the user, password and ip of the ftp server and the file name. User and password of the FTP server.

file = "C:\test1.txt"

Name and path of the stored file in your computer to be transferred

CALL ZocSend "AT^^SICS=1,apn,APN^M"

APN of your carrier

CALL ZocSend "AT^^SICS=1,user,""userAPN""^M"

userAPN for the user of the APN

CALL ZocSend "AT^^SICS=1,passwd,""passwordAPN""^M"

passwordAPN password of the APN





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