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ZOC Script. EHS5 / EHS6 / EHS8 /BGS5 . Transfer .jad and .jar files without MES

Showcase, January 14, 2016 - 1:02pm, 2716 views

Please, read the article before to start

The script transfer selected .jar and .jar files to the FFS of the Java module without using MES.

This script is intended in the producction step to transfer the aplication.

The script will not start the aplication transfered, to do in this way just replace the line

ret= ZocMsgBox("Done, start application with at command AT^SJAM=0,''A:/"||fileJAD||"'',''''", 1)


CALL atcmd 'AT^SJAM=0,''A:/"||fileJAD||"'',''''", 1'

if the autostart of the application is needed  then you have to set up it manually or to add the procedure in the at^SJAM


 -BGS5 / EHS5 / EHS6 /EHS8





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