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ZOC Script. BGS2 copy a voice prompt to the FFS

Showcase, January 14, 2016 - 10:16am, 2474 views

Please, read the article before to start

the script copy a voice prompt, or any file, to the module FFS. The copied arm file can be used like voice prompt and played in the local speakers.


 -BGS2 / AGS2 >Rel2

 -The amr file to transfer. chekc the AT spect to know the format of the amr file

 -The attached file contains the scrpit and a test amr file

 -The file to tranfer is named online.amr and will be saved in a folder called a:/vp with the name test.amr in the FFS


Edit the script with any text editor. Look at for the line:

CALL ZocUpload "BINARY", "C:\online.amr"

Modify the path of the online.amr file with the path whwre the files hasbeen stored in your computer

To tranfers other, or self created, amr files check also the line

CALL ZocSend "AT^^SFSA=write,0,646^M"

An replace the value 646 for the value of your file in Bytes




Download File (zip | 959 bytes)


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