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Windows 10 using eSIM functionality MV31-W

Showcase, November 2, 2020 - 4:00pm, 1250 views

Setting up your laptop/PC to download an MNO subscriber profile to MV31-W "SIM 2" eSIM

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Read Microsoft pre-requisites for using an eSIM enabled device

 - Windows 10 (Version 1803 or newer) installed on your laptop/PC*
 - A cellular modem with an eSIM (such as MV31-W “SIM2”)
 - Cellular data plans available in your current location**


Connect your MV31-W module to Windows 10 laptop/PC over USB
 - Please read Thales Application Note 16 to remove older Windows 10 drivers
 - Ensure that “SDX55 Thales USB 20200804 V007 INF” drivers are installed
 - Update MV31-W firmware to using Thales “Firmware Selector Tool


Install Microsoft Windows 10 application “Mobile Plans”
 - Install and then launch Mobile Plans
 - Sign up for a data plan and connect, via eSIM, with MNOs in your area

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