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Support Packages and Development Tools

Showcase, October 29, 2020 - 3:39pm, 3689 views

With our 25 years’ experience of manufacturing and supporting IoT integrations, we have unrivaled Know-How of mastering the complexities which can occur throughout the design process. We’re here to help and share our knowledge with you! Expert advice, specialized tools and high-tech facilities are offered within our Cinterion® Support Packages. The suite of support packages is designed to ensure your design runs smoothly from the design-in stage to production.

Creating a Proof of Concept on a development board reduces development time and allows the application to be demonstrated on proven hardware.
Capturing and rectifying mistakes early in the product development process saves potentially huge future costs.
Thales provides a wide suite of tools and support packages across the entire product development cycle to help ensure our customers make successful IoT products and realize the full benefits of their investment in IoT.

Please visit this link for support packages details:

Here you can also find more information about development kits, technical articles and interviews with experts:


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