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Ninjava tool v2 - new features

Showcase, January 26, 2021 - 10:00am, 2123 views

Ninjava tool has been updated with new features:

Terminal logging - 

Terminal logging

File system explorer, with ability to start/stop ThreadX based user software on EXS82 modules - 

Module configuration and network status tab - 

Automatic (periodic) UDP test - 

PSM, eDRX and SUSPEND configuration tab - 

URC reporting settings - 

Download and unzip NinJava tool project files to your machine

Download NW.js framework for your host OS - (SDK version comes with developer tools)

Run from command line / create link in windows:

NW.exe expects to receive a path to folder containing package.json file.

Example: "C:\My projects\nwjs-sdk-v0.26.6-win-x64\nw.exe" "C:\My projects\JavaTool"


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