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NinJava tool to help you develop and manage Java midlets on Cinterion cellular modules

Showcase, December 26, 2017 - 11:36am, 6783 views

Here are NinJava tool snapshots, to show you what it can do:

Manage midlets

Upload midlets



Download and unzip NinJava tool project files to your machine

Download NW.js framework for your host OS - (SDK version comes with developer tools)

Run from command line / create link in windows:

NW.exe expects to receive a path to folder containing package.json file.

Example: "C:\My projects\nwjs-sdk-v0.26.6-win-x64\nw.exe" "C:\My projects\JavaTool"

The software is running fine on my Win10 pc and EHS6T LAN via RS232.
I have one question: for some reason, the NiNJava tool changes my keyboard to UK/US. So e.g. + sign is shift-"+", ? sign is ******"*" and ^ sign is shift-"6".

Can I change this?

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