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MV32/MV31: activation of the on-board eSIM/eSIM provisioning via Thales LPA SDK v1.8 (Linux)

Showcase, January 17, 2023 - 11:14am, 2742 views

Technical Background:

Our MV31/MV32 5G data cards have the eSIM (Thale/Gemalto) on board. 

The Thales LPA SDK (Software Development Kit) for eSIM provisioning (on WIN10/11 and on Linux OS) can be used for SIM profile provisioning

From Thales/Gemalto:

"The Thales LPA is an application allowing managing “Remote SIM Provisioning” according to GSMA SGP.22
specification. A LPA includes several functional modules described in the specification: Local Profile
Download (LPD), Local Discovery Services (LDS) and Local User Interface (LUI).

The LPA manages 5 communications interfaces around LPD, LDS and LUI:

  • ES9+ between LPD and SM-DP+
  • ES11 between LPD and SM-DS
  • ES10a, ES10b and ES10c between LDS, LPD and LUI on one side and eUICC on the other side

The LPA SDK is aimed at manufacturers willing to develop their own LPA according to GSMA SGP.22 v2.2.2
specification for devices running Linux or RTOS Operating System.

It provides all features needed for an easy development, without requesting a deep knowledge of the
specification by providing a complete abstraction of the specific formatting needed to interact with SMDP+/
SM-DS and eUICC. Thanks the LPA SDK, a developer is able to focus on the functional flows and the
end-users experience.

Show Case: 

Below is a show case how the Thales LPA SDK is being used on Linux OS platforms for eSIM provisioning  

Thales LPA SDK v1.8:

The latest Thales LPA SDK is the version (1.8) with sample projects (under NDA)

They are available via Thales/Gemalto Sales Channel. 

Please contact us for more details 

The latest Thales LPA SDK 1.8 package contains following files:

  • LPA_SDK_UserGuide_v1.12.pdf
  • LPA_SDK_ReleaseNote_v1.8.pdf

Sample-Project build:

By using the Sample project, a few changes need to be made:

  • in the 2_Sample_project\make file, change to use modem


  • in the 2_Sample_project\Source\main.c , un-comment line 23 and add modem-port of MV32
#define SAMPLE__MODEM_PORT "/dev/ttyUSB0" //Cinterion MV32

 Thales IPE Projects:

Currently based on the Thales IPE project, Thales LPA SDK Linux v1.8 has been tested and verified on our MV31/MV32 5G data cards with Ubuntu 22.10 for Desktop PC, and with OpnWrt Linux on customer platform with GW7300 (ARM64)

Customer Host Platform GW7300:

Host: Venice GW7300 Rugged & Industrial Single Board Computer (ARM64 with embedded Linux )

On Ubuntu 22.10 with MV32:

Host: Dell OptiPlex 7050 Desktop PC

Attached please find the execution and lpa logs for reference

  • LPA-overview.jpg
  • LPA-MV32_Ubuntu-log.txt
  • LPA-MV32-arm64-execution-log.txt
  • LPA-MV32-arm64-lpk-log.txt
  • Screenshot from 2022-12-14 08-10-34.png


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