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Intelligent Could Connect Demo - Easy cloud onboarding for global IoT deployments

Showcase, December 8, 2021 - 2:54am, 520 views

In this article we will demonstrate how easily the Intelligent Cloud Connect solution can help our customers to onboard IoT devices with AWS subscription/connectivity.

For detail of Intelligent Could Connect solution, Please refer to our portal as below:

IoT deployments simplified (cloud onboarding for LTE Terminals) (

In the demo we will use Intelligent Cloud Connect LTE Terminal (PLS62T-W with Eseye subscription) to retrieve data from an environmental sensor BME280, and we will also utilize AWS IOT SiteWise to visualize our sensor data in real time.

The AWS certificate provisioning are all done in the background, no configuration from UE side at all.


Device setup as below:

More detail about this sensor:

BME280 Environmental Sensor, Temperature, Humidity, Barometric Pressure (

The Java Application talks to sensor via I2C interface, also takes push button signal as input via GPIO11 to start/stop sensor data collection. Once enabled it publishes data to AWS IoT via Eseye MQTT commands every 5s. 

You can find the full demo clip here:




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