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EXSx2 - Remote Reset and Alarm Trigger

Showcase, December 6, 2021 - 6:52am, 1401 views

This example demo showcases how the embedded processing capability of the EXSx2 cellular module can be used to :

  1. remotely reset an application via SMS (first scenario)
  2. send an alarm via SMS in case a specific GPIO is toggled (second scenario)

In order to develop such an application, the EXSx2 comes along with a Software Development Kit that provides besides a lot of documentation and useful tools, also heaps of driver and example code which helps any kind of application to get quickly off the ground. This application particularly utilizes the AT command and logging examples as well as the flash file system API from the SDK.

Once the application is started and successfully initialized, it listens for incoming SMS (scenario 1) and activity on the GPIO line (scenario 2) in an endless loop. Depending on which of the scenarios got triggered, either a GPIO is toggled for 2s (just for demo purposes, GPIO can easily be connected to a reset pin of an application processor) or a SMS with the string "Alert" is sent to a pre-defined phone number (the application reads the phone number during initialization from a config file that ***** to be loaded onto the module along with the application binary).

By the way, a little hint before you run any application on the EXSx2, if secure boot is enabled on your module, all applications need to be signed in order to be executed on the module. Further information on how to sign applications, please refer to the Getting_Started document included in the SDK.

For further more detailed information how this application works, please have a look into the PDF available as download at the bottom of this page.

The application source code plus the application binary have been attached to this article. It can be freely downloaded and modified.

Supported Products:
• Cinterion® EXS62-W (HW Build B2.1 or B2.2 only)
• Cinterion® EXS82-W (HW Build B2.1 or B2.2 only)

Software Development Kit:

Please contact your local Field Application Engineer or Sales.


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