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EXS82 Devkit Debug Demo

Showcase, December 31, 2020 - 3:45pm, 3288 views

Ever had problems connecting your EXS82 devkit to the cellular network? Try running the attached atcommand.bin which runs through the basic checks for the moduel to confirm the devkit is correctly setup to communicate. The atcommand.bin file can be loaded directly into your module for basic checks, but the atcommand.c file provides the sendatcommand to send and receive AT commands as well as some basic frameworks for processing the responses.

Unsure how to communicate with teh embedded processor in your EXS82? See the attached Getting Started guide for step by step instructions on communicating with the embedded ThreadX processor.

This demo was developed and tested on revision 1.400.

Download File (zip | 539.55 KB)


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