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Environmental Sensor and Infrared Receiver for data collection to AWS with ThreadX embedded app

Showcase, May 4, 2023 - 12:52am, 6284 views

This is a ThreadX app to demonstrate how easily we can manage multiple external sensors with the built in embedded processing features on PLSx3/EXSx2.

The demo app contains several components:
1. Managing BME280 sensor for environmental data collection
2. Monitoring KY-022 to receive IR events from a remote control to operate the app in different modes 
3. TLS Corticates management for AWS connection and MQTT message publishing to AWS IoT endpoint

The app communicates with BME280 Environmental sensor via I2C interface, 
to collect different parameters such as temperature, humidity and barometric pressure.

The KY-022 is a three-pin IR Receiver sensor, which receives the IR signal from a remote control,
and generate a 32bit digital signal as output. 
The app registers the IO interrupt event on GPIO pin connecting to the IR receiver, 
and parses the incoming signal to identify the remote control key-press event.
Based on different remote control key-press event, 
the app can start/suspend the sensor operation and change report intervals for data uploading to AWS.
This IR decoder component offers a generic way to parse IR signals, it should apply to all common IR devices.
I've tested the TV remote control from Samsung and Hisense, both work fine.


The TLS and MQTT operation is already mentioned in the previous post:


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