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DGL61-W status LEDs driver with Connection Manager

Showcase, October 26, 2020 - 3:48pm, 1838 views

The DLG61-W has four status LEDs, though out of the box only two of them are enabled.
This demo gives life to the other two LEDs adding "Low/High Speed" and rating of the Cellular "Signal".

In addition, the DGL61-W will actively work to recover from any network, SIM, or signal conditions that might previously have left you disconnected. It does this by toggling Airplane-mode and in extreme cases restarting the module; this restarting can be disabled, see PDF.

As an aid to development, and SIM card or network testing, the demo allows you to wipe commonly used SIM card EF fields and all APN and Authentication data stored in the module. These in turn can dramatically improve Location Update testing for troublesome SIM cards.




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