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Custom AT commands

Showcase, November 27, 2018 - 5:03pm, 4370 views



This demo application demonstrates the new API available for ELS61 and PLS62 modules. It makes it possible for the user to implement the custom AT commands and URCs (Unsolicited Result Codes). It can be done in the MIDlet application - the commands and URCs are working only when such an application is running. The custom commands are available on the same interfaces as all other commands and are working in the same manner as the standard commands. It is impossible for the user to distinguish which command belongs to the standard set and which not.


Command description

For the purpose of this demo I have prepared one custom AT command and one URC. The command has one numeric parameter and all possible variants available for standard commands: Exec Command, Write Command, Read Command, Test Command. 

The command name is AT^RANDOM and here is the usage demonstration:

- Exec Command - Schedules URC to be thrown in a random number of seconds. The current random value is returned.




- Write Command - Stores the maximum value for the random number generator.



- Read Command - Reads the maximum value for the random number generator.




- Test Command - Displays the available parameter range.


^RANDOM: (30-180)


URC example:

^RANDOM URC fired up after 26 seconds


Other sources

Please see also JATDemo example and API documentation available in Gemalto SDK installation package for the supported modules.


Eclipse project with source code and comments


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