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Creating and testing a Linux distribution in a Virtual Box with pppd WWAN

Showcase, October 18, 2018 - 1:35pm, 6524 views

Virtual Box

This project allows you to install any Linux / Windows version in a Virtual Machine.
You can run that virtual machine on a variety of hardware.

Here we show a step by step guide to install "Debian 9 Linux" in a "Virtual Box" on "Microsoft Windows 7".
We finish off the Linux install by building a "HelloWorld" program in C.

For connectivity we look at connecting to the Internet using CHAT scripts and Linux PPPD dial-up.
Also we look at using the Wireless Wide Area Networking (WWAN) adaptors available on ELS61, PLS62, PLS8 and PLAS9.

Virtual Box 2

To follow the steps you will need a PC/laptop, Cinterion module such as BGS5, EHS6/8 (or ConceptBoard), ELS61 (or ConnectShield), PLS62 and a B80 starter kit or mini-DSB, SIM card and a USB cable.

Virtually everthing here can be re-used if you want the Wireless Ethernet Adapters instead of PPPD. See "AT^SWWAN" instead of "ATD*99" in the AT Command guide of the module you want to test. We focus on PPPD because it is implemented on all current modules (WWAN is newer).

Two attachements:

1. PDF file showing all the steps, starting from nothing and getting to the Linux Internet connection

2. PDF file assuming Linux works fine and you just want to set up a Linux Internet Connection

Another nice guide covering similar Linux Internet connectivity using a Linux with Graphical User Interface:


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