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AT commands via Java MIDlet - UART via Java MIDlet to AT interpreter pipe

Showcase, May 31, 2016 - 4:09pm, 8088 views


This is a short example of a pipe application for sending AT commands from UART interface via custom Java MIDlet to the module and sending back the answers to the UART interface. URC's are also sent to the UART interface. 

For sending AT commands to the module the additional application is not needed. But this is just an example. There could be solutions where some additional processing is done before sending commands to the module.


The port can be configured in the jad file. There is also a configurable end of session character which closes the application.

Hello, this program is functional? this is what I get. After menssage "Ready for the next command..." there is no one reaction when typing commands, wrong commands or even typing "endOfATSessionCharacter".

maybe is necesary to change something to run it  or I'm doing something wrong?

also I got the following, I didnt change the code, just imported the project

ATPipeExample: created
ATPipeExample: startApp called
SerialConnection: Conected to COM0:115200
ATService: started
ATPipeExample: destroyApp called
Ready for the next command... Stream closed
 -, bci=11
 -, bci=8
ATService: stopped
SerialConnection: disconnected
MIDlet:com.gemalto.m2m.ATPipeExample exited


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Bartłomiej Gemalto Moderator