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Cinterion EHS6 Concept Board and Windmill Java demo (SensorLogic)

Showcase, April 27, 2016 - 3:35pm, 6274 views

This is a simple demo to show how data from an IoT device, such as a Solar Powered Fan, can be captured and sent to a cloud based service such as Sensor Logic. Additionally the Concept board controls the business logic; enabling us to, for example, turn the Windmill on when it is Dark and off when it is Light.

Sends light level and rotation speed information to cloud service over 2G / 3G
Reading sensor data (solar panel) using the EHS6’s ADC
Control of Windmill rotation using EHS6’s Pulse Width Modulator
Sends module and network information to cloud service
EHS6 SMS server makes data available to users locally - useful for trade shows and the such like.

Benefit: Business logic in Java on embedded module
Benefit: Visualise Solar Power and Wind Turbines

Windmill   Windmill SL


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