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How to load files into the module?

FAQ, March 4, 2014 - 4:27pm, 23621 views

Use the modules flash file system from a Windows PC


How to load files into the module?

After installation of the so called Module Exchange Suite (MES) a Windows Explorer Plugin is available and via the grafical interface of the Windows PC the flash file system (FFS) can be accessed. As drag&drop is not suitable for industrial automation e.g. in the end of line of an production command line tools are available.The executable files are under ...\Program Files\Cinterion\Module Exchange Suite
  • MESClose.exe    -- release the comport
  • MESCopy.exe     -- copy a file
  • MESDel.exe        -- delete a file
  • MESDir.exe         -- list a directory 
  • MESFormat.exe  -- format
  • MESMkdir.exe     -- make a directory
  • MESPort.exe       -- set the comport of the PC connected to the module
  • MESRmdir.exe    -- remove directory
  • MESXCopy.exe   -- copy several files
  • MFSInit.exe         -- copy a complete file structure
 The other files in the directory are not for direct useA detailed help is displayed by execute the command in a DOS shell without arguments. I want to highlight MFSInit as this executable can run stand alone on a PC w/o installing the MES. Just copy and paste.It can be executed several times in parallel, so that one PC can update more than one module at the same time.This speeds up the factory process.
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Is  there limit in the lenght of filename,  24 mark?.
Now in the USB connection to the BGS5 . When I'm copy the jar and jad file to module. It will take time 60 seconds if filename is more 25 mark.
The short name take time 10 seconds.
The same file. Only file name is changed.  

And the another thing ^SYSINFO: 200 will breake the USB connection.
(if autostart is off). That will brake the longtime copy :-( and jummed USB.

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