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SensorLogic Web Service API Reference - Version 5.0

Documentation, July 2, 2014 - 1:18pm, 5014 views

SensorLogic Web Services API.


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aamal's picture
Authentication failure when trying to get the list of devices. We build the signature as explained in the documentation but this fails all the time. The requests that we sent are : 1- get server time : 2 - get signature using the API 3 - get the list of devices The last request returns : Authentication failed. Thnx
ejobin's picture
It seems you have a error in the way you format the API to get the device list you format witha list.xml Liste des Devices : and you shoul format without the .xml Liste des Devices : I hope that solve your issue. Regards Eric
aamal's picture
Hi, I tested the URL without ".xml" and I got the same response. Any idea ? Regards, Aziz
Fabien's picture
Hi Aziz, The URL is not the right one for your account, I've sent you the right by email. Kind Regards, /Fabien
nabdanet's picture

Were you able to solve it in the end? If so, could you please state how? I'm having the same problem (the response is always Authentication failed).


aamal's picture
Hi, I'm getting this error message when I try to display device in the SL portal : Failed to get device state by id '93486fa2-496d-11e4-90ea-005056aa04c5' , SDPFailedResponse[errorCode=SL-PORTAL-210,errorMsg=SDP response NULL or EMPTY.,errorCause=] Any idea about this problem ? Regards, Aziz AMAL
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