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PLS8-E permanently switches between 3G and 4G | Telit Cinterion IoT Developer Community

March 3, 2021 - 6:38pm, 949 views

We have a PLS8-E here, that in the current configuration we want to run in
- automatic network selection
- without establishing a data connection (short messaging only).

Hard to reproduce, but repeatedly, it enters a state where it keeps registering and unregistering between 3G and 4G indefinitely, without ever reaching a stable connection. After a power cycle, or even a simple band reselection, this state is gone.

When this happens, different commands/URCs seem to have "different ideas" of what the actual registration status is.

I will post such an annoted sequence below, all of which happens repeatedly, indefinitely, within about 25 seconds.

I will make a follow up post with some additional configuration info.

Has anybody ever encountered this? Any ideas what is going on?
Thanks in advance.


< +CREG: 2,1,"558C","0C85180",2
< OK

... registered to home network in 3G

< ^SMONI: 3G,10737,163,-14.5,-102,262,03,558C,0C85180,7,10,--,NOCONN
< OK

... however SMONI says we are only camping

< +CIEV: psinfo,6

... URC: WCDMA PS attached (3G packet domain)

< +CIEV: psinfo,8

... URC: we are HSDPA PS attached ("3.5G" packet domain)

< ^SMONI: 3G,10737,163,-12.5,-99,262,03,558C,0C85180,11,14,--,NOCONN
< OK

... SMONI says again we are camping on 3G

< +CIEV: psinfo,17

... URC: we are E-UTRAN attached now (4G)

< +CREG: 1,"55F3","04EC21A",7

... URC: registered to home network in 4G

< +CGACT: 1,0
< +CGACT: 2,0
< +CGACT: 3,0
< OK
< +CGDCONT: 1,"IP","internet","",0,0,0,0,0,0
< +CGDCONT: 2,"IPV4V6","ims","",0,0,0,0,1,0
< +CGDCONT: 3,"IPV4V6","sos","",0,0,0,1,1,0
< OK

... we query CGACT and CGDCONT (redundantly, since we do not plan to set up a data connection in this configuration)

> AT+COPS=3,0;+COPS?;+COPS=3,1;+COPS?;+COPS=3,2;+COPS?
< +COPS: 0,0,"mobilcom-debitel",7
< +COPS: 0,1,"mobilcom-debitel",7
< +COPS: 0,2,"26203",7
< OK

... we query the IDs of the current operator


< OK

... we redundantly enable registration URC

< +CREG: 2,1,"558C","04EC21A",2
< OK

.... we query CREG, and it now says we are registered to our home network in 3G

< OK

... but SMONI says we do not even have a 3G network

< +CREG: 2
< +CGREG: 2

... URCs inform us we are searching for an operator

< +CTZU: "21/03/02,12:04:41",+04,0

... time

< +CIEV: service,0

... URC: no service

< +CIEV: psinfo,16

... URC: camoed on E-UTRAN (4G)

< +CIEV: eons,0,"","",0

... URC: no operator

< +CIEV: psinfo,0

... URC: GPRS not available??