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PLS83-EP FTP get stage show error message : File path wrong | Telit Cinterion IoT Developer Community

February 8, 2021 - 4:34am, 3055 views

Hi all,

I got an issue when I used AT command for PLS83-EP evk via the terminal tool putty and the details as flow : 

Step1 : AT+CPIN="****"

Response : OK

Step2 : AT+COPS?

Response : "+COPS: 1,0,""**** Telecom"",7

Step3 : AT+CGATT=1

Response : OK

Step4 : AT+CGDCONT=1,"IP","internet"

Response : OK

Step5 : AT^SICA=1,1

Response : OK

Step6 : AT+CGPADDR=1

Response : +CGPADDR: 1,"10.***.***.***"


//It means connected to internet and get ip address correctly.

Step7 : AT^SISX="Ping",1,""  //It means module can uses Ping command to check the network.

Response : AT^SISX="Ping",1,""
^SISX: "Ping",1,1,"",267
^SISX: "Ping",2,1,1,1,0,0
^SISX: "Ping",3,1,267,267,267

Step8 : AT^SISS=1,srvType,"Ftp"

Response : OK

Step9 : AT^SISS=1,conId,"1"

Response : OK

Step10 : AT^SISS=1,address,""

Response : OK

Step11 : AT^SISS=1,cmd,"fget"
Response : OK

Step12 : AT^SISS=1,user,"anonymous"

Response : OK

Step13 : AT^SISS=1,passwd,""

Response : OK

Step14 : AT^SISS=1,path,"file:///a:/data/"            //Alse used another path "file:///c:/data/", but the error message is same.

Step15 : AT^SISS=1,files,"INDEX"

Response : OK

Step16 : AT^SISO=1

Response : ^SIS: 1,0,2100,"Ftp connect"
^SIS: 1,0,2100,"220 Hallo auf"
^SIS: 1,0,2100,"230 Login successful."
^SIS: 1,0,100,"File path wrong: file:///a:/data/INDEX"
^SISR: 1,2

When I got this error message, I tried to change the file path file:///c:/data/ or Linux path /home/userneal/data under Ubuntu base but the error is same.

Could anyone met the same issue and solved it??

Thanks a bunch