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SMTP and Gmail... no longer working? | Telit Cinterion IoT Developer Community

November 13, 2014 - 3:16am, 5833 views

Hi... so this is a strange error specifically around smtp and gmail using an EHS6

A while ago I was playing around with the AT command example for sending email as per the EHS6 AT command instruction set datasheet.
It worked just fine ....
Fast forward a few months and i fired up the exact same board but now smtp and gmail doesn't work.

On AT^SISO=9....

^SIS: 9,0,1000,"PARA-ERR: cmd must be set" (I always get this as I'm not using files but it doesn't seem to matter)

^SIS: 9,0,4400,"Smtp open("

^SIS: 9,0,4400,"SSL-Info: TLS, 3.3, TLS\11ECDHE\1qRSA\11WITH\11AES\11128\11GCM\1

^SIS: 9,0,4400,"SSL-Cert: C=US;O=Google Inc;CN=Google Internet Authority G2"

^SIS: 9,0,4400,F220 ESMTP nb3sm10668298pdb.18 - gsmtp"

^SIS: 9,0,4400," at your service, \1b<\1b>"

Then this error (after quite a wait..couple minutes or so)

^SIS: 9,0,400,"Unknown error -134 during socket::read "


^SISE: 9,400,"Unknown error -123 during socket::read "

If I try an alternate port... (such as listed on GMail site)

^SIS: 9,0,1000,"PARA-ERR: cmd must be set"

^SIS: 9,0,4400,"Smtp open("
Then immediate error...
^SIS: 9,0,50,"Fatal: Service has detected an internal error"

If I try a range of other smtp servers such as Yahoo or my own hosting provider it works just fine:

^SIS: 9,0,4400,"Auth OK"

^SIS: 9,0,4400,"Mail send OK"

^SISW: 9,2

All I have changed here is the server, user and password and they work just as the gmail one worked in the past.

I also tried a different SIM on a different network. Results are exactly the same.

I also tried a pc based smtp client and it seems to work ok with gmail also... though I wonder if it defaults to port 587

I have tried a different gmail account but we don't even seem to get to the authentication step and the result is the same.

So I am wondering if anyone else has had this issue (is it just me?) or thoughts on a solution?
Given Gmail is one of the more popular email providers, I really would like to get this feature working again but have run out of ideas.

For reference...

^SISS: 9,"srvType","Smtp"
^SISS: 9,"conId","0"
^SISS: 9,"address","smtps://user\\"
^SISS: 9,"tcpMR","10"
^SISS: 9,"tcpOT","6000"
^SISS: 9,"user","user\"
^SISS: 9,"passwd","*****"
^SISS: 9,"smFrom","user\"
^SISS: 9,"smRcpt","recpt\"
^SISS: 9,"smSubj","My Test Mail"
^SISS: 9,"smMsg","Hello ...This is the message."
^SISS: 9,"smAuth","login"
(details edited out)