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On Windows 7 USB COM Port device hangs after AT+CFUN=1,1 | Telit Cinterion IoT Developer Community

December 3, 2020 - 6:19pm, 2044 views

I'm able to connect to a PLS62T_w terminal device through a USB port on Windows 7.  For USB driver, I'm using the cinterion usb drivers, "pls62-w_rev02.000_arn01.000.04_drivers".

If I issue AT+CFUN=1,1 using Hyperterminal, the USB port hangs so I'm not able to connect to the terminal.  The terminal device itself is still working.  The "Cinterion PLSx USB Com Port1" device is still shown under Ports in Windows Device Manager but the Virtual COM Port is inaccessible until I physically disconnect and reconnect the USB connector.  Alternatively, right click disable and enable the "Cinterion PLSx USB Com Port1" device on Windows Device Manager will also work.

I don't have this problem on Windows 10.

Another issue which I faced is if the USB connector is disconnected for any reason, the Virtual COM Port will become inaccessible by console and the only way to resolve it is by physically disconnecting the connector a second time or right click disable and then enable the device on Windows Device Manager.  This is the reason why I was looking at the watchdog 2 earlier but I would like to avoid using Java.

1. Is there a way for me to reset the terminal by AT command so that the Windows virtual COM device still works after reset?  I tried AT^SMSO but it powers down the terminal entirely.  As the terminal will be used in a remote location, as far as possible, I would like to manage the device using AT commands.

2. On Windows 10, is there any advantage in using the native "pls62-w_rev02.000_arn01.000.04_drivers" instead of the native Windows USB device driver?  Which is better?  For my tests so far, the native Windows USB device don't appear on Windows 7.