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How to work with Websockets using Java in EHS5T and ELS61T Terminals | Telit Cinterion IoT Developer Community

November 27, 2018 - 11:56am, 2594 views

Greetings to you good People of Gemalto Support Forums.

I need to implement OCPP1.6-JSON Protocol which requires the use of Websocket Protocol on EHS5T as well as ELS61T Terminals.

When checking the documentation i noticed that the term "websocket" isn't mentioned at all, neither in the Java User Guide, nor in the AT Command Set. This realization brought me to these forums looking for guidance.

I found the following Thread:

Problem is that this thread doesn't help at all!

One thing is that we don't need websockets for work with an FTP server like this script supposedly shows, but for transmitting and receiving JSON-encrypted messages. The other thing is that according to the AT Command Set the AT-comands as used in the script don't have anythng to do with websockets, but normal sockets instead. 

Please point me in the right direction regarding:

Any hints on how to implement websockets and whether i somehow interepreted the documentation wrong.

Are there any libraries for websockets that are compatible with the J2ME-Environment on these devices that you know of or can recommend?

I searched the internet for hours looking for compatible libraries, but as you can imagine it's very difficult, if not impossible finding a library implementing technology that was still very new in 2011 (websockets) for an environment that **** in (circa.) 2000 (JavaME).

Please dear people of Gemalto Support - help me out here!

Thanks and Best Regards!