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ELS61-E - Sleep Mode has no effect on quiescent current taken by module | Telit Cinterion IoT Developer Community

June 11, 2019 - 11:52am, 3450 views


I'm using the ELS61-E, and have noticed that it's taking about 13mA quiescent current, this seems independent of whether I it’s camped on 2G or 4G; and whether the power saving SLEEP mode is enabled or not.

ATI1 >>> Cinterion ELS61-E REVISION 01.000 A-REVISION 00.026.00

AT^SMONI=255 >>> ^SMONI: 2G,107,-77,234,10,53B5,5838,31,31,3,7,E,5,-108,NOCONN

AT^SPOW? >>> ^SPOW: 2,1000,3

Quiescent Current = 13mA

I have no USB connections wired up. Just a serial UART connection to ASC0.

The RTS line goes Low several ms before any comms from the controller and returns high serveral ms after comms is complete. Most of the URCs have been disabled.

There is no active UART communications. The Modem is just sitting there happily camped on a tower draining away its battery…

So why does this unit refuse to go to SLEEP?