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PLS 62-W EEPROM (AT24C08) with Interface I2cBusConnection | Telit Cinterion IoT Developer Community

April 9, 2019 - 3:21am, 2948 views

I'm having a hard time using the I2c Bus Connection interface to write and read data to the EEPROM AT24C08. As shown in the java document, for you to perform a write operation, you must send the command below to perform data writing.

Byte write EEPROM
structure :

[Start|A0|addrress high|adress low|data in|Stop]

My messagem = <AA0000006>

"<" ->
Start Transfer Message
"A" -> 8 bit ID
"A0" -> EEPROM slave ID = 1010-0000 ->
data write mode according to datasheet
"00" -> Most significan bit = adress high
"00" -> least significant bit = address low
"06" -> Data in
">" -> Stop

I get the (+) transmission OK, but the data is not recorded
and I can not read a byte

EEPROM structure :

[Start |A0|address high|address low|restart|A1|Dataout|Stop]