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“Profile could not be activated”-errors with BGS5 | Telit Cinterion IoT Developer Community

February 7, 2019 - 9:50am, 3237 views


I have some questions about the opening of connections after the modem has rebooted. I have encountered two situations within the same device, with just an hour apart. At that particular time the same configured APN is used to make a connection. In the first case, the device is not able to make a connection at all. After a reboot using AT+CFUN=1,1, a connection is made quickly and easily. In both cases, the signal strength (as measured by AT^SMONI) was more than enough to make a connection with a dbm > -60.

Multiple devices with the newest modem firmware from Gemalto installed (version 00.000.31) encounter this problem. However, the same issue occurs on devices with the older firmware installed (version 00.000.21).

Device (ATI1 response)
A-REVISION 00.000.31

1. After the +PBREADY event the application tries to connect to an NTP server, but only when the signal strength is more than enough to make a connection. Additionally, another connection is opened to send data.

2. First the signal quality is determined via AT^SMONI. Initially there is an unknown signal quality (SMONI signal strength indicated 99). This caused the application to wait with connecting. A few seconds later the signal strength is good enough (-59 dBm).

3. The device tries to open a TCP connection using

4. The BearerControlListenerEx class returns that it was not possible to connect. The listed error, is “27 = Missing or unknown APN.”

5. At some point, the application will attempt to deregister GPRS (by first issuing AT+COPS=2 and then AT+COPS=0)

6. Even going into airplane mode/flight mode (by using AT+CFUN=4,0 and then AT+CFUN=1,0) did not have the effect of subsequently allowing the device to correctly make a connection to the server

7.Regardless of the signal strength (which remains more than good enough all the time), the device is not able to make a connection for a hour or so, until the application triggered a reboot using AT+CFUN=1,1 command.

Interestingly enough, an SMS was able to reach the device, and this caused a reboot to be performed. Sending a text message back to the sender of the SMS message failed with some weird error: “Exception: command: “OK, Rebooting now deliver Error: +CMS ERROR: Network out of order (service)”. After the reboot, the connection to NTP and additional server was established very quickly and without any errors. The exact same code and the exact same APN from the a local setting file was used.

Unfortunately, I am not able to reproduce this issue locally.

1. Can somebody explain why the BearerControlListenerEx returns error 27 (Missing or unknown APN) when the same APN is used, and the signal quality was just fine?

2. Is it possible to prevent this situation from occurring without a modem reboot?