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URC +CREG: 0, Manual says "user intervention required" | Telit Cinterion IoT Developer Community

December 6, 2018 - 11:19am, 2903 views


Our AHS3-W is configured for autoregistration(COPS=0) and the PIN of the SIM card is disabled.

Most of the ***** the AHS3-W quickly registers to the network right after power-on, however some***** it happes that the module does not register.

AT+CREG URCs are enabled but in this situation all we get is a single +CREG: 0 without any +CREG: 2.

AT+CPIN? returns READY, so the SIM should not cause the issue.

AT+CEER returns +CEER: Phone is offline

In the manual I have found the following note regarding +CREG: 0 URC:

"0 Not registered, ME is currently not searching for new operator There is a technical problem. User intervention is required. Yet, emergency calls can be made if any network is available. Probable causes: •no SIM card available •no PIN entered •no valid Home PLMN entry found on the SIM"

Because I get CPIN: READY I think that the first two probable causes "no SIM and no PIN entered" can't be the reason for the issue. Also why should a valid Home PLMN be missing on the SIM if the same SIM works most of the time.

So what other "user intervention" is required here?

And, if the module IS registered to the network but network registration is lost later on(because the module goes out of coverage) I think I get CREG: 0 and CREG 2 periodically until network coverage is available again. But because I get CREG: 0, does it mean I also have to do a "user intervention" here?