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BGS5 - Self Signed Certificate Exception | Thales IoT Developer Community

November 29, 2018 - 5:11pm, 2277 views

Hello, I've been trying to connect using https into a private secure server which is using a self-signed certificate. 
The connection is not being successful, throwing the following exception: -251 SSL-Error: Bad ECC Curve or unsupported

To surpass this situation we tried two approaches:

1.In the first scenario I tried to install the certificate in the ****m like the following:

- After downloading the certificate, I used the command to 'ADD certificate for verification for HTTPS connections using the HTTPS server’s certificate file in DER format (unsecured ****)' and then executed AT^SJMSEC="file","AddHttpsCertificateUntrusted.bin". It returned OK.

- Then I tried to connect again but got the same exception.

2.On the second approach, I tried switching off the certificate verification (using Command to switch OFF certificate verification for HTTPS connections (unsecured ****)). After trying to connect again, it got the same error.

This is the result of AT^SJMSEC?AT^SJMSEC?

^SJMSEC: 1,1,1,0

(It indicates that the certificate is not installed even after installing even after adding it. Am I missing something?)

Could you give me any help?

Thank you