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Example Schematic PHS8, PLS8, PLS62, PDS8, AGS2E

Documentation, October 31, 2017 - 6:40am, 8763 views

Please find attached a nice example schematic with power supply and little ARM controller chip.

The following feature are supported by PLS62/3-demo:


  • PHS8, PLS8, PLS62, PLS63, PDS8, AGS2E 156 pad footprint

Power Supply

  • External power plug 8-30V
  • 5V USB power supply
  • LiPo 4.2v battery chargeable from USB and power plug


  • 115.2kbit/sec COM port to STM32F070 controller and module


  • virtual USB-COM port (STM32F070 controller)      or
  • direct module access to PHS8, PLS8, PLS62, PDS8


  • on board GSM/HSDPA/LTE Taoglas ceramic antenna
  • 2 x SMA connector for GSM / LTE-diversity
  • SMA connector for GPS antenna with feeding circuit (PHS8, PLS8 only)


  • analogue audio with iPhone plug (PxSxxA only)
  • DAI/PCM connector

LED’s for

  • Module on/off
  • Call activity, (SYNC-LED)
  • RING (red), CTS
  • SD access (red) (controller GPIO)

1 line pin header for some remaining controller GPIO pins, GND, + 3.3V, + 4.8V

  • 2 x Inputs with simple ESD protection

Micro SD-card access for configuration and log data


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Hi there,
Just wondering if PLS8 supports analog audio.
Since I can't find any info. in data sheet / Hardware Interface Description.
But the reference schematic shows analog interface for PLS8.

There are several modules with on board analogue audio chip. The most similar one to PLS8 including analogue audio is ALS3.


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