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BGS2 AT^SBNW=is_cert,1 command fails - Cinterion Transport Layer Security for Client TCP/IP Services documentation not detailed enough | Telit Cinterion IoT Developer Community

September 24, 2014 - 6:43pm, 17874 views

I am involved in developing a tracking system using Cinterion BGS2 M2M modems and I am having problems loading TLS certificates using the Java tools provided and it has also failed when using the AT^SBNW=is_cert,1 command. I get the following error; AT^SBNW=is_cert,1 CONNECT SECURE CMD READY: SEND COMMAND ... SECURE CMD TOO MANY DATA ERROR OK I am having problems understanding the details of the AT^SBNW=is_cert,1 command in the TLS documentation :- Transport Layer Security for Client TCP/IP Services Application Note 62 Version: 04 DocId: wm01_wm02_an62_tls_v04 This document describes the formats but is not specific about message lengths – are they word counts or byte counts? It would also be useful for it to show an example HEX dump of a valid certificate AT^SBNW=is_cert,1 upload message. If anybody knows the answer to these questions please let me know - Jeff White