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Connection with EHS6 in Hungary | Telit Cinterion IoT Developer Community

March 7, 2018 - 10:25pm, 1525 views

I am little lighter on information that I would like to be on this problem, but here goes:

Customer in Hungary is reporting their device (weather station with an enbedded EHS6) occasionally stops connecting and requires a power reset.  It will connect every 10 minutes for a month at a time and then get stuck.  After a power reset I have been able to remote get our internal logs.  It look likes the the module is starting up just fine, finding a tower and sending out a UDP packet without an issue.  The packet never makes it to our server and the call evetually ***** out.  After the attempt no successful calls are completed until the power is removed from the system.

EHS6 appears to shutdown without issue and also restarts without issue.

Any ideas on either what might be the issue or what a potential recovery path might be?  Unfortunately my hardware does not have a mechanism for pulling the power from the EHS6.  The EMERGENCY_RST would be an option, but I have full control and have no issue shutdown via SMS0.