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PLS8-E: HTTP uploads yield very small Bandwith using AT ^sisw | Telit Cinterion IoT Developer Community

February 14, 2018 - 12:46am, 2327 views


we're HTTP-posting (uploading) a few files - about 1MB size per file - to a HTTP(S) webserver using the PLS8-E (REVISION 03.017, A-REVISION 01.000.05) modem and firmware using the AT command set over a HighSpeed USB (virtual serial ports) interface.

With a 3G or 4G connection we expected a very high data throughput, but we currently only see something in the range of only 20kB/sec! Is it possible that using the AT command set for data transfer limits the bandwith that much? What other channels to the Modem should we use?

Does it make any difference on transfer speed to the Modem if we use the Application or the Modem instance of the AT command interpreter?

The GSM cell itself seems fine: ^SMONI: 4G,1300,3,20,20,FDD,262,01,5211,194A001,53,31,-90,-8

And input is highly appreciated,